MuxViz: visualization of multiplex networks

MuxViz is a tool to visualize interconnected multilayer networks, using R and openGL, distributed under Open Source licence (GPL v3)
You can find the official version of muxViz, with documentation and source code here:


Radatools is a set of freely distributed programs to analyze Complex Networks. In particular, it includes very useful programs for Communities Detection and Mesoscales Determination.


MultiDendrograms is a simple yet powerful program to make the Hierarchical Clustering of real data, distributed under an Open Source license.

Multilayer Networks Library for Python (Pymnet)

Multilayer networks library A library containing data structures for representing multilayer and multiplex networks, and some functions for analyzing them. The interface is based on our recently developed mathematical frameworks for multiplex and multilayer networks.


Download LIBRARY

(Also see the external page for this software.)

Code for visualizing networks

Code for visualizing networks Matlab code for visualizing networks.

Code for Community Detection

GenLouvain method to optimize modularity (and also multislice modularity)

Local community detection