Slides from NetSci 2014 Tutorial on Multilayer Networks

Mason Porter gave a tutorial on multilayer networks in June at the summer school portion of the NetSci 2014 conference.

His slides, which provide a guided tour through the recent PLEXMATH review article on multilayer networks, are now available online.


MuxViz is a framework for the multilayer analysis and visualization of networks. It allows an interactive visualization and exploration of multilayer networks, i.e., graphs where nodes exhibit multiple relationships simultaneously. It is suitable for the analysis of social networks exhibiting relationships of different type (e.g., family, work, etc) or interactions on different platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc), biological networks characterized by different type of interactions (e.g., electric, chemical, etc, or allelic, non-allelic, etc), transportation networks consisting of different means of transport (e.g., trains, bus, etc), to cite just some of the possible applications.

Dynamics of Biologically Inspired Networks

Mason Porter of the PLEXMATH consortium is one of the organizers of the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) semester program on Dynamics of Biologically Inspired Networks.

‘Mathematics Research Community’ on Network Science (24-30 June 2014)

PLEXMATH member Mason Porter is organizing, jointly with Aaron Clauset and
David Kempe (and with help from Dan Larremore), an
AMS Mathematics Research Community on Network Science. It will take place 24-30 June 2014 in Snowbird, Utah, USA.

Online applications will be available starting 1 November. Please drop us a line if you have any questions.

Outreach to Schools: Sharing the Beauty of Networks

The University of Oxford node of PLEXMATH has developed a program for outreach to schools. We work with students of ages 13–16 as well as their teachers.

You can read about our program and the materials that we have developed in this paper.

The University of Oxford has just released a promotional video.

SAMSI Program (2013-2014) on Computational Methods in Social Sciences

Many members of the community studying time-dependent and multiplex networks are likely to be interested in SAMSI’s 2013-2014 program on computational methods in the social sciences.

Workshop on Time-Dependent and Multiplex Networks

There will be a workshop on time-dependent and multiplex networks at University of Oxford on 8-9 July 2013.  To register for the conference, go to this web page.

Paper published on Physical Review Letters

A screenshot of the paper webpage on PRL

A screenshot of the paper webpage on PRL

On January 8-th 2013, a paper entitled “Diffusion Dynamics on Multiplex Networks” has been published on Physical Review Letters Journal. Among the co-authors there Sergio Gómez, Yamir Moreno, and Alex Arenas all members of the Plexmath project.

You can read the paper at the following link